Are you an employer looking to hire skilled employees?

At Sierra Employment Services, Inc. we offer flexible staffing
options to match the fluctuations in your personnel
requirements. We run the ads, and do the interviewing,
payroll, taxes, and insurance.  Leaving you to focus on your
core business.

Temporary Staffing
The goal of every company is to match personnel levels with
business demands. Temporary staffing provides skilled and
productive help when you need it for as long as you need it.

Temp to Hire
This option allows you to evaluate a potential new hire and
fully assess their ability to meet the requirements of the job
and fit into your organization before you take them on to your

Direct Hire - Permanent Placement
We will advertise the job, recruit, and screen resumes to find
the optimal candidate for the job.  You make the final decision.

Payroll Accommodation
The solution when you have employees but you do not want
to manage the overhead of payroll, workers compensation, or
government forms.

Know Who You Are Hiring
We offer Drug Testing, Criminal Background Screening, Skills
Testing, Credit Checks, and Reference Checking to make
sure you know as much about a new hire as possible.
Sierra Employment Services, Inc.
Mammoth Lakes